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EL panel for back light | Cochief provides total solution of light source solution to create more innovative products with customers.

Flexible Touch Sensor

Flexible Touch Sensor

Check out our new product group, the Flexible Touch Switch and see how you can use our technology for your type of product!

EL on Fabric

EL on Fabric

Now you can print EL fabric! Enhance your products with our electroluminescent panels.


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Located in Taiwan since 1998, Cochief Industrial Co., Ltd. has been a backlight applications and touch switch solutions manufacturer. Their main products include, EL Backlight, cuttable EL panel, light guide film, EL wire, light display electroluminescent, EL lamps, intelligent lighting control module, capacitive touch switch module, capacitive touch sensor, flexible touch film, tactile switch and touch module, which are mainly focusing on designing and developing electro-luminescent products.

COCHIEF was established in February, 1998. We mainly produce electro-luminescent that known as “EL”. “KEEPING PROGRESS & BEST QUALITY” as the key spiritual principle strongly persisting in Cochief. Keep improving the manufacturing capability as well as pursuing innovative ability in order to match the multi-developing markets. Also being eco-friendly matched as ROHS compliance products. with more than 20 years manufacturing experience in producing EL Panel, Light Guide Film and Intelligent Touch Switches Modules for customers in global market from Taiwan.

Cochief has been offering customers backlight applications and touch switch solutions, both with advanced technology and 25 years of manufacturing experience, Cochief ensures each customer's demands are met.

EL Backlight

Enhance your products with EL backlight

EL Panel

EL panel for back light
EL panel for back light

Cochief, with mature EL technology, accumulated about 20 years of experience in producing EL products design.
The original color of phosphor includes green、blue、blue-green and pink-white, but we are also capable to produce EL in other colors via adding color film or print color ink directly on our EL lamp to complete customer’s visual color requirement.
EL panel is colorful、uniformity and smooth lighting to catch customer’s attention.

EL will be your best solution if your products need multiple backlight and restrictions by mechanical. With features-thin、 flexible,、only 0.1~0.5mm thickness 、 no heat generated, flexible EL backlight makes it easier to adapt to irregular surfaces and the light source can be evenly distributed in any small area of product. Like controller and keypad backlight or even can lighting on fabric….etc.

Do you have a question about how to implement EL for your product? Please contact us right away, we can offer you best suggestion.


EL is ultra-thin、 uniform light and no heat generation, suitable for various electronic equipment, as a product backlight!

Electroluminescence technology is a great way to combine practical backlighting and outstanding design in your product. The unique look of the glowing phosphor gives the user the feeling of high quality. And it’s true! Our EL panels for backlighting are processed with high quality and the best possible brightness.

Together with our engineers and designers we are constantly searching for new ideas how to implement our technology in new products. What about using electroluminescent light for fabric? We are capable to do this already.

Do you have a question about how to implement EL for your product? Contact us and we will do our best to provide you with our competent advice.

Thin, flexible and lightweight

Fitting any possible design because of it's extradordinary thin layers with only 0.1 - 0.6 mm. Due to it's flexibility it is easy to fit curved or irregular surfaces by maintaining a very light weight.

Multiple color options

We are capable to exactly determine your desired color wish. The nature color of phosphor is green to blue or a pink-white. By adding colored sheets or directly printing a colored ink on the surface we are also able to create other colors.

Irregular design

If your product requres a very special, multicolor backlighting design, EL is a very good option to do so. The uniform light reaches even the smallest areas of your product equally and absolutely reliable.


  • Colors: Blue, Blue-Green, Green, Pink-White.
  • Other colors: special painting dyes and colored sheets
  • Dimension: 50mm x 50mm ~ 800mm x 1200mm
  • Thickness: 0.1mm ~ 0.6mm
  • Operating Voltage: AC 40V ~ 300V
  • Operating Frequency: 50Hz ~ 2,000Hz
  • Operating Temperature: -30℃ ~ 60℃
  • Storage Temperature: -40℃ ~ 80℃
  • Life Time SIMULATION DATA: Above 10,000Hrs (5Hrs/day usage; above 3 ~ 5years usage); Half life time: 2500~3000 hours in 24 hours running).

EL Backlight Application FOR LCD Backlight 

1. EL Backlight for Electronic Scale

EL Backlight for Electronic Scale  

2. EL Backlight for Watches panel

EL Backlight for watches panel 

3. EL Backlight for thermometer

EL Backlight for thermometer

4. Other applications such as Calculators, Clocks, Membrane Switches, Name Plates, Domestic light switches...etc. Our Electroluminescent Backlighting are designed to solve your backlight need.

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