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Cochief provides total solution of light source solution to create more innovative products with customers.

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  • 3D touch switch module with backlight
    3D touch switch module with backlight

    A touch switch module is an electronic device with touch functionality that can be applied to various products, such as home appliances, handheld devices, touch panels for cars, medical instruments, and more. The main function of this module is to enable users to control the product by touching the module surface, using human body capacitance sensing technology. It uses LEDs as a backlight source. However, if there are space limitations, we can also use light guide films (LGF), light guide plates (LGP), or other backlight methods such as Electro Luminescence to achieve the corresponding requirements. We have now introduced a three-dimensional capacitive touch switch module, which makes the product shape more variable. Compared to flat switches, three-dimensional capacitive touch switch module can overcome mechanical limitations and can be combined with in-mold injection, out-of-mold injection, water transfer printing, heat transfer printing, and other processes to improve the appearance and light effect performance, so that the product design more free. If you have any related requirements, please feel free to contact us! In addition to basic touch functions and lighting effects, the three-dimensional capacitive touch switch module can also be customized for different functions such as hover sensing, sliding touch, rotary touch, nixie tube, vibration, buzzer, etc., providing fully customized integrated design. In short, the three-dimensional capacitive touch switch module can make your product more beautiful, practical, and easy to operate.

  • lighting touch switch module
    lighting touch switch module

    Intelligent Touch Switch Module use LED as the backlight source generally. Regarding the space limited of the mechanism, we can design with light guide film (LGF) or the Electroluminescent lamp (EL) as another backlight method. Except basic touch function and backlight, our module can be matched with custom requirements, such as Hover、Slider、Wheel、Digital Tube、Vibration、Buzzer…etc. Different functions can provide with fully customized integrated design. One truth on Covid-19 is that it is here to stay, and we need to reduce its impact a dangerous pandemic to something close to a bad flu season. Across the world numbers of daily cases has dropped but are still very high. To reduce the possibility of the virus, Cochief designed a "Floating Touch Switch Module" with high sensitivity and contact-free functions. As you can see in the video below. In other words, Cochief provides a variety of capacitive touch module solutions, that can be combined directly with the customer’s product design through color-variable panels, sound and light effects making unique products and enhancing product aesthetics and value.

  • Light Guide Film
    Light Guide Film

    Light guide film (LGF) The thickness is only 0.1mm ~ 0.5mm, and can be designed according to the customer's organization. Through the surface microstructure, the side of the LED light is refracted to achieve illumination with the effect of uniform light. Cochief’s LGF solution not only can provide complete microstructure layout planning, suggestions and arrangements of LEDs, but also provide complete light guide film assembly.

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