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Inverters & accessories / Cochief provides total solution of light source solution to create more innovative products with customers.

Flexible Touch Sensor

Flexible Touch Sensor

Check out our new product group, the Flexible Touch Switch and see how you can use our technology for your type of product!

EL on Fabric

EL on Fabric

Now you can print EL fabric! Enhance your products with our electroluminescent panels.


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Located in Taiwan since 1998, Cochief Industrial Co., Ltd. has been a backlight applications and touch switch solutions manufacturer. Their main products include, Accessories Products, cuttable EL panel, light guide film, EL wire, light display electroluminescent, EL lamps, intelligent lighting control module, capacitive touch switch module, capacitive touch sensor, flexible touch film, tactile switch and touch module, which are mainly focusing on designing and developing electro-luminescent products.

COCHIEF was established in February, 1998. We mainly produce electro-luminescent that known as “EL”. “KEEPING PROGRESS & BEST QUALITY” as the key spiritual principle strongly persisting in Cochief. Keep improving the manufacturing capability as well as pursuing innovative ability in order to match the multi-developing markets. Also being eco-friendly matched as ROHS compliance products. with more than 20 years manufacturing experience in producing EL Panel, Light Guide Film and Intelligent Touch Switches Modules for customers in global market from Taiwan.

Cochief has been offering customers backlight applications and touch switch solutions, both with advanced technology and 25 years of manufacturing experience, Cochief ensures each customer's demands are met.

Accessories Products

Inverters & accessories
Inverters & accessories


COCHIEF provides customers related accessories products as below.
1. DC、 AC Inverter and battery inverters
2. LED plate light and lighting boxes
3. LED slim lighting board
4. Various wires products, Connectors, Card Connectors, USB… components.

An converter, which could transfer output DC power to AC power and apply to EL product usually.
The functions are not only lighting, even such as a dimmer for brightness, Flash, etc., also we offer the customized service as designed the animated model.
Please contact us for more details; we can help you to find suitable Inverter for different emitting size of EL panels.

LED plate light and lighting box-

The All New LED Plate Light is evolved from "LED string light," into "LED Plate Light."
The single unit of LED plate light have 2 types: 300*300mm and 216*288mm with the thickness 35mm only. The user can self-assemble these LED plates into various larger sizes with high brightness, better uniformity, and power efficiency.
We assembled with acrylic box and make the finished products for signs and advertisement display.

LED Slim Lighting board-
Cochief provides large slim lighting board which completely instead of the old-style advertising lighting boxes, and can be widely used in signboards, exhibition boards and shelf decorative light boards.

Wires、Connectors、Card Connectors、USB series card-
For offer better service to our customers, Cochief provides related consumables- multiple choices of various wire gauges, automotive wires, automotive connectors, card connectors (Card Reader) and USB series products. Please contact us for more information.

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