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To ensure the quality of product, Cochief has professional instrument measuring equipment including luminance measuring instruments and dimension and Electrical characteristics. Cochief product will be strictly examined before shipping.

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Luminance & Chromaticity Uniformity Analyzer UA-10

A various production line as MURA inspection Analyzer.

1. Uniformity in the luminance and the chromaticity of LCD, OLED.

2. Luminance and luminance uniformity of the lighting. (Ceiling Light)

3. Uniformity of light emission for diffusion plate, light guide plate of FPD and other related materials.

4.  Longitudinal data analysis of the various light sources.

Measurement BM-7

BM-7  luminance colorimeter

1.High speed measurement - The BM-7A achieve measurement speed is as much as previous

model BM-7Fast. (One measurement per 0.5 sec)

2.USB and RS-232C Interface - 17units of BM-7A (16 units via USB and 1 unit via RS-232C)

can be connected to one PC simultaneously.

3.Application software CS-900A (standard accessory) allows you to control the instrument

and obtain measured data with PC

4.Measurement angle are selectable from 2°/ 1°/ 0.2°/ 0.1°.

5.Improved accuracy (±4%→±2%) Measurement condition is refer to below the specification

2.5D 手動量測儀器

2.5D Measurement and Inspection

1. It can measure point, line, circle, arc and oval, rectangular and improve the accuracy with the

multi-point positioning function.

2. It has many features, such as combination of measurements, center structure and the intersection of

structure, the midpoint of construction, line structure, a round structure and structural point of view.

3. Coordinate translation and coordinates straighten out is to make measurement more convenient and

efficient and improve measurement efficiency.

4. Macros can measure the same parts faster and more convenient volume and improve

the measurement efficiency.

5. Measurement data directly input into AutoCAD and become a full work circle; the data also can be

entered in Excel and Word to conduct statistical analysis.

Digital Storage Oscilloscope GDS-Series

Digital Storage Oscilloscope GDS-Series

The frequency bandwidth ranges from the handy 50MHz to the high-class 500MHz. In addition,

up to 5GSa/s realtime sampling rate and 10M points memory depth can pick up and hold

the complete signal in order to preserve the accuracy. PC interfaces such as

USB, LAN, GPIB, RS-232C, and Printer Port are integrated to the panel to satisfy data transmit/save needs.

Digit Dual Measurement Multimeter

4 1/2 Digit Dual Measurement Multimeter 


1. 50000 Counts Display
2. Multi-Function ACV,DCV,ACA,DCA,R,C,Hz,Continuity Beeper,Diode Test,Max/Min,REL,Auto Hold,dBm
3. Compare Function
4. Dual Display Indicate ACV and Hz,DCV(ACV) and dBm
5. DCV and ACV Ripple
6. Manual or Auto Ranging
6. 0.02% DCV Accuracy
7. ACV Measuring Frequency Up to 100kHz
8. 20A Current Range With High Energy Fuse Protection
9. Auto-Recall Settings upon Power ON
10. AC True RMS or AC + DC True RMS
11. RS-232C Interface
12. Option: GPIB Interface

AC Power Source

Linear Programmable

AC Power Source

1. Integrated with the latest high density power technologies; compact; 1KVA with 8.9cm height only,

requiring less space for the test.

2. Provided with starting & ending phase angle settings for output waveforms as well as voltage

spikes & dips wave simulation.

3. Oversized LCD (240 x 64) displays output voltage, frequency, current, power, power factor,

and time simultaneously, allowing users to view all data related to the test at one glance.

4. Special features such as the number of automatic run cycles and unit of time settings (second/minute/hour),

allowing users to test the life cycle of various DUTs.

5.Inrush current up to 4 times of the rated current, allowing users to activate high inrush current loads

(motor, compressor, etc.) without additional power source capacity and thus minimize the equipment costs.

Allowing users to adjust voltage or frequency instantly without shutting down the output and thus minimize the time needed for the test.

6. The rapid transient reaction allows the waveforms to restore within 100us whenever loads are either

added or removed instantly.

7. Front panel provided with universal socket, plug-in-play, saving the time needed for wiring.

Microtest Lcr Meter

Microtest Lcr Meter

The 6372 LCR Meter that is provided with high accuracy and speed. It is a cost and multiple- function utility

and is able to perform the component test entirely. The friendly operation interface design is in synchronization with the international trend and easy to operate to import into the production lines quickly.

Because of the high-precision values of measured data and superior efficacy, it must be a necessary testing instrument of components and materials.

It supports the interfaces of RS232、Handler、GPIB PC connections.

1. Basic accuracy up to 0.1%
2. LCR Meters are all compatible with convenient and efficient Meter Link Software
3. Overall Compact design, good for production line use
4. User-friendly interface, allows for production line personnel to operate efficiently

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