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  • Light Guide Plate
    Light Guide Plate
    Customized light guide(LGP)

    Light guide plate (LGP), as the name implies, is a light guide medium, which is more rigid than the light guide film. The thickness varies from 1mm to 20mm to satisfy client’s request, also depending on the customer's different application and needs. As different thickness to have better lighting performance and large light guide dimension. We use optical grade plates and professional layout design as micro-structure size planning to achieve the best uniformity of light efficiency to meet customer needs. Easy to design, power-saving, apply widely to LCD backlight, LED sign board and door sill in car, etc.

  • Front Light Guide Film
    Front Light Guide Film
    Customized front light guide panel(FLGF)

    Front light guide plate - an application of side view LED lighting as light guide plate. It is a kind of effective lighting that guides the light source and reflects the light on reading surface. A LED light guide is often applied as auxiliary lighting in dark environment such as bedroom and aircraft cabin. It only illuminates the reading surface softly without disturbing neighboring persons. The thickness of the front light plate is approx 0.1~0.6mm. It is soft and the microstructure light guide particles are small, which is easy to be combined with the product to provide customers with appropriate illumination.

Result 1 - 2 of 2

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