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Cochief provides total solution of light source solution to create more innovative products with customers.

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    Slim、light and large size of Electroluminescent lamps are commonly applied in the advertisement. We can design special EL effects by lighting up in different areas with different colors to create a moving display to match the customer’s request. Within delicate animation effect and vibrant color backlight, to tell your story vividly, this is a typical EL lighting animation poster. Cochief ‘s Electroluminescent panels for advertisement are processed with high quality, best brightness, no heat generated and lighting uniformity. EL panels are independent of the individual viewing angle and provide uniform light to assure to be seen from every area. You will never feel dazzling even you close to watch it. EL animation is the best way for advertisement.

  • EL Lamp
    EL Lamp

    When EL Lamp are used for advertisement, the popular color is pink-white usually been chosen as the big scale of high bright backlight for any designed color film. The high brightness of el light can be up to 300cd/m2 with uniform lighting. The texture of the EL panel is soft for bending, but only can’t bend to 90 degrees which will caused the conductive wire broken and damages on electroluminescent lamp.

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