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Product DM

Product DM

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  • Touch Switch Module
    Touch Switch Module

    TOUCH SWITCH Catalogue DownloadCOCHIEF is capable of offering the total solution of design and produce whole module. Also we can use LED light guide or EL backlight to design an extraordinary lighting switch which can replace traditional type switches and membrane keypads.Applications: IoT Control Board of devices 、Automotive devics、 Household compliance、 remote control、keyboard、Stereo devices、Medical device and equipment、Industrial equipment.

  • Electro Luminescent Catalogue
    Electro Luminescent Catalogue

    Electro-Luminescent lamp Catalogue DownloadApplications of EL Product: LCD Backlighting、 Name Plates & Switchess、Keypad: Remote Controllers, Membrane switches; Automative fileld such as: dashboard, doorsill plates, warning lamps, stickers, Interior and instrument, lighting, coach lighting and home decoration such as EL wall sticker applications.

  • LED Plate Light Catalogue
    LED Plate Light Catalogue

    LED Plate Light Catalogue DownloadThe single unit of LED plate light is in the sizes of 300x300mm with the thickness only 35mm. Because of its design, customer can self-assemble these LED plate lights into various sizes.Applications: Ultra-thin light boxes、Signs、POP Displays、Bus shelter signs、Airport light boxes、MRT light boxes、Menu Board、X-ray film light boxes...etc.

  • LED Slim Lighting Board Catalogue
    LED Slim Lighting Board Catalogue

    LED Slim Lighting Board Catalogue DownloadLED Slim Lighting Board is a new revolution of traditional lighting boxes. The thinner LED slim lighting board is less than 10 mm, its thickness is only half of the traditional one.Without restriction of metal frame,light board is no longer confined to a square shape. It could be made with various of curve modeling, but also greatly reduce the product weight. Right now our standard Board size is A4 and B6.LED Slim Light Boxes are suitable for ADVERTISEMENTs, Restaurants,Night Clubs, Kiosks, Schools,Hospitals,Bulletin board,Public Space,and Showroom...etc.

  • Light Guide Film Catalogue
    Light Guide Film Catalogue

    Light Guide Film Catalogue DownloadLight Guide Film are designed for effective use of LED edge light sources. Light from the LED sources is internally reflected down the length of LGF to the various viewing areas. This new technology patterning allows light to be efficiently and uniformly directed where light is desired in a very thin profile film.Applications: Keypad, Keyboard, Sign, Logo, Backlight for LCD. Advertising displays, Kiosks, Bulletin boards, Showrooms, Automotive, Exhibition /Trade shows, Traffic signboards, Public transportation stops, Accessories … etc.

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