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Flexible Touch Switch Film / Cochief provides total solution of light source solution to create more innovative products with customers.

Flexible Touch Sensor

Flexible Touch Sensor

Check out our new product group, the Flexible Touch Switch and see how you can use our technology for your type of product!

EL on Fabric

EL on Fabric

Now you can print EL fabric! Enhance your products with our electroluminescent panels.


Flexible Touch Switch Film - Touch Sensor Film | Made in Taiwan Smart Touch Sensor Switch Module Manufacturer | Cochief

Located in Taiwan since 1998, Cochief Industrial Co., Ltd. has been a Electroluminescent, EL Panels and Light Guide Film manufacturer. Their main products, include Flexible Touch Switch Film, LGF, EL Panel, Light Guide Film, EL, Electroluminescent, EL Lamp, Intelligent Lighting Touch Swtich Module, Capacitive Touch Swtich Module, Flexible Touch Sensor, Flexible touch films, Tactile switch and Touch Modules, which are mainly focusing on designing and developing electro-luminescent products.

Cochief's RoHS certified and patented Flexible Touch Switch Film are sold worldwide. Along with the newly introduced products, including electroluminescent keypads, flexible touch-switch, EL plates, EL inverters, light guide products, LED plates and lamps, Cochief has become a leading supplier with a great reputation.

Cochief has been offering customers Electroluminescent, EL Panels and Light Guide Film, both with electroluminescent advanced technology and 25 years' manufacturing experience of EL Panels and Light Guide Film, Cochief ensures each customer's demands are met.

Flexible Touch Switch Film

Flexible touch sensors for swithces

Touch Sensor Film

Flexible Touch Switch Film
Flexible Touch Switch Film

Cochief is committed to the innovation of capacitive touch film. Flexible touch switch film plays an indispensable and important role in the application of Touch Switch products. It is a simple design and one of the important parts elements; Most of substrates are transparent, and the light-transmitting forms as well as its soft and thin characteristics can fully meets customer’s requirements on Touch Switch of backlight and overall mechanism. Under the high-quality of lighting touch switch products, In the process of design agency, Cochief achieves customer’s interface graphic and position, not only applied to the plane but also designed on the curved surface structure, and the product appearance design can achieve a greater breakthrough to increase the added value of the customer’s products.

This capacitive touch switch film replaces traditional mechanical switches and membranes,reducing the original wear and traditional shape of the press, capacitive flexible touch switch film is durability、fast response time、high product integration, high stability, and provide different structures to meet different customer’s design needs, it is also have competitive advantages on the price.


Touch Switch Film QC Video

With an extraordinary minimum thickness of only 0.1 mm it can fit any possible device and replaces traditional type switches or membrane keypads. Also we can provide the sensor with different shapes and sizes to fit any possible device.





High transparency
Thin and flexible (up to 0.1mm)
Competitive cost
Multiple materials available
Backlight sources available.
Customized / design diversity

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