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lighting touch switch module | Cochief provides total solution of light source solution to create more innovative products with customers.

Flexible Touch Sensor

Flexible Touch Sensor

Check out our new product group, the Flexible Touch Switch and see how you can use our technology for your type of product!

EL on Fabric

EL on Fabric

Now you can print EL fabric! Enhance your products with our electroluminescent panels.


lighting touch switch module | Capacitive Touch Switch Modules & Displays Manufacturer | Cochief

Located in Taiwan since 1998, Cochief Industrial Co., Ltd. has been a backlight applications and touch switch solutions manufacturer. Their main products include, lighting touch switch module, cuttable EL panel, light guide film, EL wire, light display electroluminescent, EL lamps, intelligent lighting control module, capacitive touch switch module, capacitive touch sensor, flexible touch film, tactile switch and touch module, which are mainly focusing on designing and developing electro-luminescent products.

COCHIEF was established in February, 1998. We mainly produce electro-luminescent that known as “EL”. “KEEPING PROGRESS & BEST QUALITY” as the key spiritual principle strongly persisting in Cochief. Keep improving the manufacturing capability as well as pursuing innovative ability in order to match the multi-developing markets. Also being eco-friendly matched as ROHS compliance products. with more than 20 years manufacturing experience in producing EL Panel, Light Guide Film and Intelligent Touch Switches Modules for customers in global market from Taiwan.

Cochief has been offering customers backlight applications and touch switch solutions, both with advanced technology and 25 years of manufacturing experience, Cochief ensures each customer's demands are met.

lighting touch switch module

Customized touch switch module、Customized capacitive touch switch module

Multi-pattern / multi-button form (hover sensor, sliding touch, turntable touch, digital tube, vibration, buzzer) / multi-key size, shape design / multi-color / high uniformity

lighting touch switch module
lighting touch switch module

Intelligent Touch Switch Module use LED as the backlight source generally.
Regarding the space limited of the mechanism, we can design with light guide film (LGF) or the Electroluminescent lamp (EL) as another backlight method.

Except basic touch function and backlight, our module can be matched with custom requirements, such as Hover、Slider、Wheel、Digital Tube、Vibration、Buzzer…etc. Different functions can provide with fully customized integrated design.

One truth on Covid-19 is that it is here to stay, and we need to reduce its impact a dangerous pandemic to something close to a bad flu season. Across the world numbers of daily cases has dropped but are still very high.

To reduce the possibility of the virus, Cochief designed a "Floating Touch Switch Module" with high sensitivity and contact-free functions. As you can see in the video below.

In other words, Cochief provides a variety of capacitive touch module solutions, that can be combined directly with the customer’s product design through color-variable panels, sound and light effects making unique products and enhancing product aesthetics and value.


Cochief offers touch switch module with different functions including proximity sensor、 cool lighting、waterproof, it is also easy to clean…etc.

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Practical application

  • 12 Keys Touch - Numeric Keys (Fig. 1) (Fig. 2)
  • Circular Slider (Fig. 3) (Fig. 4)
  • 6 Keys Touch + 1 Key Slider - Home Appliance Touch Button (Fig. 5 to Fig. 7)
  • 6 Keys Touch + 1 Key Circular Slider - Multi-functional Control Panel (Fig. 8)
  • Elevator Control Panel (Fig. 9)
  • Touch Module with Saturated and Uniform Multicolor Light, Slider Control, Sound, and Vibration Feedback (Fig. 10)
  • Touch Module with Saturated and Uniform Multicolor Light, Slider Touch, and Programmable LED Control (Fig. 11)

Product Comparison Chart

Feature of product

  • Scratch-resistant
  • High durability
  • Competitive pricing
  • Stylish design
  • High transparency/thinness/flexibility
  • Multiple substrate options
  • Multiple backlighting options
  • Customized design

Application field

  • Touch button modules for automotive applications: car door / steering wheel buttons (quick-play buttons) / sunroof / interior light / air conditioning / multimedia entertainment control panel
  • Hotel central control system panel / room control system panel / bathroom control system panel
  • Remote control / keyboard / audio panel
  • Sports equipment switch control panel
  • Medical equipment control panel
  • Industrial instrument control panel
  • Home appliance control panel
  • Human-machine interface

Cochief's Advantage

Questions you may consider

1.Types of touch switches: Cochief provides two types of touch switches - flat touch switches and three-dimensional touch switches.

2.Appearance and size: Cochief mechanical engineers can integrate the touch module into your existing mechanism. Feel free to inquire and discuss with us to ensure the module can be fully integrated into your product.

3.Touch modes: Cochief provides different touch modes, including ON/OFF switches, slide touch, rotary touch, hover touch, and long-press touch.

4.Functional requirements: In addition to basic touch and lighting functions, Cochief can also add other functions such as a seven-segment display, vibration, buzzer, and more based on your needs.

5.Backlight: If you need backlight switches, you can choose different backlight such as LED, light guide film, light guide plate, or cold light.

6.Light control: Cochief has firmware engineers who can design the lighting effects you need, such as breathing, flashing, and running light effects.
7. Customized requirements:Cochief provides fully customized design, including module shape, symbol design (Icon), lighting color and effects, touch feedback effects, etc., so that your ideas can be realized.

8.Quality and reliability: Cochief's touch switch module is tested to withstand 1 million touches.

9.Cost: Cochief provides a one-stop service from design to mass production, and reduces the high cost of self-development for customers with its own factory, mechanical designers, electronic engineers, and firmware engineers in Taiwan.

10.Development cycle: Cochief provides one-stop service can shorten the development cycle, and the fastest delivery from confirmation to samples can be achieved within 1 month, saving your valuable time.

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