Flexible Touch Switch

Flexible Touch Sensor

Flexible Touch Sensor

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Cochief's Flexible Touch Switch

Cochief Industrial Co., Ltd. is a lighting product manufacturer that is mainly focusing on designing and developing electro-luminescent product from Taiwan, since 1998.

Cochief's RoHS certified and patented Flexible Touch Switch are sold worldwide. Along with the newly introduced products, including electroluminescent keypads, flexible touch-switch, EL plates, EL inverters, light guide products, LED plates and lamps, Cochief has become a leading supplier with a great reputation.

With both advanced technology and 19 years of experience, Cochief always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Flexible Touch Switch

Touch Switch Switch

COCHIEF- Touch Switch
COCHIEF- Touch Switch

Flexible Touch Switch, is a way to start the functions by capacitive sensing touch. When your finger Touch sensor switch, the electric charge from the finger will change the capacitances inside the area in order to transform and send signals to the processer to complete the commands.

The advantages of Touch sensor switch are anti-scratch, high durability, competitive sot and stylish appearance which can be designed for different applications. Flexible touch sensitive switch can be combine with LED or EL backlight made into an extraordinary lighting Touch switches which can replace traditional type switches and membrane keypad.

Cochief is capable of offering the total solution from design, produce to the finished parts.


High transparency
Thin and flexible
Competitive cost
Multiple materials available
Backlight sources available.
Customized / design diversity


Maximum dimension: 400×500mm
Distance between circuits:1.0mm、0.5mm
Minimum switch dimension:5×5mm、ψ5mm
Minimum distance between two keys:10mm
















Consumer Products, Transportations, Industrial Products, Medical Equipment, Entertainment devices..etc.

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