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  • EL Inverter -AC、DC Series
    EL Inverter -AC、DC Series

    An converter, which could transfer output DC power to AC power and apply to EL product usually. The functions are not only lighting, even such as a dimmer for brightness, Flash, etc., also we offer the customized service as designed the animated model. The DC inverter accepts 3V / 5V / 12V / 24V input and outputs 110VAC to drive EL panels. The wires on the inverter both terminated with connectors. These are designed to plug directly into our EL panels. The AC inverter type for standard size from A0 ~ A6, we have particular inverters to go with all these panels which can perform the evenly brightness for EL sheets. Please contact us for more details; we can help you to find suitable Inverter for different emitting size of EL panels. Please contact us for more details of the inverter to light up your EL panels.

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