2017 Shanghai Home Textiles - Autumn Edition

2017 Shanghai Home Textiles - Autumn Edition

2017/07/01 COCHIEF Industrial Co., Ltd.
Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles
Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles

Exhibition Details

Welcome to Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles - Autumn Edition 2017

Exhibition Opening Hours:

 23 August 2017 (Wednesday) 9:00am – 6:00pm

 24 August 2017 (Thursday) 9:00am – 6:00pm

 25 August 2017 (Friday) 9:00am – 6:00pm

 26 August 2017 (Saturday) 9:00am – 2:00pm

Exhibition Venue: 

   National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), China

   North Entrance: 333 Songze Avenue Road, Shanghai, China

   West Entrance: 1888 Zhuguang Road, Shanghai, China  (connected with Metro Line 2 exit)                      

   South Entrance: 168 Yinggang East Road, Shanghai, China

See us at Booth: 4.1A76  (West Entrance)

Venue Location

Products Information:

EL Wall Sticker (Electroluminescent backlight solution) 

Wall sticker with EL backlight solution –Combination of traditional electronics industry and home furniture decorations, Cochief’s new product EL wall sticker backlight will release on “Shanghai home Textiles-Autumn Edition 2017”.

The intention of EL lighting wall sticker is to make our home have a different nightlife. With EL wall sticker flash mode, vivid lights for walls and ceiling that help create a more relaxing atmosphere, especially for children’s room.

Compared to dazzling LED light, Electroluminescent backlight sticker offer soft light source which can not only decorate furniture but also make a comfortable space for a good night's sleep.

Imagine the application of EL wall sticker in your house such as frameless painting、clock、map、night light…etc. Any idea of your own private room? Cocheif will help you to design EL sticker backlight and create comfortable space for your most important people in the world.

You can visit our booth in “Shanghai home Textiles-Autumn Edition 2017” for more information. 

Contact us If you want to visit our booth, 

We will cordially welcome you.

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