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EL Introduction

What is Electroluminescent ?

What is Electroluminescent

An electro luminescent lamps electrically similar to a capacitor two conducting surfaces (light-emitting phosphor layer) with a dielectric layer between. EL lamps illuminate when powered with AC power. As voltage is applied to the conductive surfaces, an electric field is generated across the phosphor anddielectric layers. Twice during each cycle electrons are excited and emittedlight through the transparent front electrode.

The basic building block for the EL lamp is aluminum foil. Serving as the back electrode, the foil has dielectric coating applied to give the lamp high voltageintegrity. A layer of light emitting phosphor is then applied. Screened onto thephosphor is the transparent front electrode, which defines the lit area. On top ofthe electrode an opaque bus bar is screened, to provide a more uniform electricfield across the entire lamp surface, insuring more uniform luminance. Frontand back leads, specially treated to insure the moisture barrier is notcompromised, are applied to provide power access. Finally, the entire sandwichis enclosed in an Aclar package to protect the lamp from exposure toenvironment, especially moisture, and to provide electric insulation.

What is Electroluminescent


(1) Backlighting
PDA, cellular phone , keypad, Calculators, game controllers, clock, radio, watch, pager and instruments.
(2) Signs
Emergency, road, house, building exit, entry, landing.
(3) Switches
Backlighting for membrane switches, domestic light switches.
(4) Automotive
Dashboard, Sill plates, Sticker, Pedal, Shift knob.
Interior and instrument lighting, coach lighting, Warning lamp.
(5) Architecture and interior design
High-tech lighting, illumination for elevator, emergency back up light for stairs.
(6) Advertising
Backlighting for advertising media, point of purchase displays.

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