ISO 9001:2015

With continuously innovative development in new technologies and products, we acquire ISO 9001:2008 Certificate in2004 and obtain D-U-N-S Certificate in 2012. Recently receive TüV Taiwantrade supplier verification in 2016. 2017 we acquire ISO 9001:2015 Certificate- The certificated valid for the following scope of operation: The Design and manufacture of Electro-Luminescent Panel, Light Guide Film and Touch Switch Module. And Cochief Products are applied with RoHS and Reach.

2017-COCHIEF acquire ISO 9001:2017 Certificate- The Design and Manufacture of Electro-Luminescent PanelLight Guide Film and Touch Switch Module.


ISO 9001:2019 冷光及導光設計 品質管理認證


2016- Cochief acquire TüV Taiwantrade Supplier Verification


2012-Cochief acquire D-U-N-S Registered Certificate

D-U-N-S 鄧博士企業認證證書

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