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2016 CES LAS VEGAS, NV | Cochief provides total solution of light source solution to create more innovative products with customers.


2016/01/06 COCHIEF Industrial Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Details

The 2016 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show)

Time: January 6-9, 2015  9AM- 6PM

Place: Las Vegas, NV.

See us at Booth: 60023

Main Products:

1. Electro-Luminescent Lamp Applications:

  Electro-Luminescent Lamp    Electro-Luminescent Lamp - Nameplate    Electro-Luminescent Lamp - EL lamp  Electro-Luminescent Lamp - gauge 

Cochief EL Lamp in CES 2016 focus on Home design and Sport equipments such as Colock, Wall stickers , Bike Lighting decorations, Sport watch backlight and EL Sport coat...etc. In Automobile Industry, we have fashionale exhibit like Dashboard, EL door sill, Warning lamp, Interior and instrument lighting...etc.

This time we bring many creative and innovation products which will show on CES 2016. Come and see our booth:60023.  We will send free gift!!

2. Flexible Touch-Switch:

2016 new product flexible touch switch  2016 new product flexible touch switch  2016 new product flexible touch switch  

Cochief Flexible Touch-Switch is our newest  product release on 2016, the advantage of Flexible Touch-Switch are anti-scratch, high durability, competitive cost and stylish appearance which can be designed for different applications. Flexible Touch-Switch can also combine with LED or EL backlight made into an extraordinary lighting switch which can replace traditional type switches and membrane keypad. In CES exhibition, we offer many Flexible Touch-Switch demo board for interaction with exhibitors. 

2. LED Plate:


Cochief LED Plate can be used to light up various items in restaurants such as food signs, bear signs, Restaurant logos, Special offers signs, menus...etc. Others applications such as Ultra-thin light boxes, Road Signs, Bus shelter signs, Airort light boxes, MRT light boxes, X-ray film light boxes...etc.

3. Light Guide Film / Light Guide Plate:

2016 CES Light Guide Film (LGF)  2016 CES Light Guide Film (LGF)  2016 CES Light Guide Film (LGF) 2016 CES Light Guide Plate (LGP)

LGF is a kind of new backlight, use the material Polycarbonate(PC). On the PC by print or press the pattern to transfer the LEDs point lighting to flat lighting. It could be improve the un-uniform lighting to more average. It could be easy to use on the backlight of keypad, due to the LGF thickness is reach to 0.1mm only. Using LGF you could reduce the LEDs quantity as usual, save the power and improve the uniform lighting. Easy to design and competitive cost could be help you learn more profit.

4. Slim Lighting Board:

2016 CES Slim Lighting Board  CES 2016 Slim lighting board  CES 2016 Slim lighting board

LED Slim Lighting Board is a new revolution of traditional lighting boxes, The thinner LED slim lighting board is less than 10mm, its thickness is only half of the traditional one. Without restriction of metal frame, light board is no longer confined to a square shape. It could be made with various of curve modeling, but also greatly reduce the product weight.

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