LED plate light and lighting box

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Over 21 Years of LED plate light and lighting box Manufacturing | Cochief Industrial Co., Ltd./h2>

Cochief Industrial Co., Ltd., since 1998, is a LED plate light and lighting box manufacturer that is mainly focusing on designing and developing electro-luminescent product from Taiwan.

Cochief's RoHS certified and patented LED plate light and lighting box are sold worldwide. Along with the newly introduced products, including electroluminescent keypads, flexible touch-switch, EL plates, EL inverters, light guide products, LED plates and lamps, Cochief has become a leading supplier with a great reputation.

Both with electroluminescent advanced technology and 21 years' manufacturing experience of EL Panels and Light Guide Film, Cochief ensures each customer's demands are met.

LED plate light and lighting box

LED plate light and lighting box

Flexible LED Plate
Flexible LED Plate


The All New LED Plate Light is evolved from "LED string light," into "LED Plate Light."
The single unit of LED plate light have 2 types: 300*300mm and 216*288mm with the thickness 35mm only. The user can self-assemble these LED plates into various larger sizes with high brightness, better uniformity, and power efficiency.
We assembled with acrylic box and make the finished products for signs and advertisement display.

Lighting Structure:


LED Plate standard size:

LED Plate Dimensions 
 Dimensions (mm)ColorBrightness (lux)UniformityPower InputWattLED NO.
A300*3006000K900090%DC 24V14W196
B216*2886000K900090%DC 24V5W108



  • Long life, up to 30,000 hours of usage
  • 5W Low power consumption
  • High brightness 6000Lux(1200cd/m2)
  • 90% Uniformity
  • Extremely thin 35mm
  • Easy installation
  • Inter connectable LED light plate.


  • LED Plate can be used to light up various items in restaurants such as food signs, bear signs, Restaurant logos, Special offers signs, menus...etc. Ohters applications such as Ultra-thin light boxes, Road Signs, Bus shelter signs, Airport light boxes, MRT light boxes, X-ray film light boxes...etc

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